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Wilder Acres Release Day

Hey all! It's here. It's release day for Wilder Acres. I am on second coffee. I've been up since 7:30am. Have worked out. Am listening to the Unplugged version of Heaven by Brian Adams as I type out a VERY short story for a thing I was asked to do. I was actually gonna write it in March, but they are in my head. I really need to work on so many things! Ha! I will also have another chapter of Full House Winchester out soon. It's almost done! I am in #Mockmachine Beast Mode right now.

But I wanted to drop by and post the first chapter here for you so you could check it out.

I think it's hilarious about the number of animals that work their way into Cord's home when he originally wanted no one there. Barely even himself! I said to a friend, I want to see how many he'll allow in before he puts his foot down.