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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

It's been interesting publishing on Amazon. Even with my descriptive tagging at the beginning of my books, people are shocked at the amount of spanking in the books.

I am amused. So greatly amused.

Do I occasionally have the thought that I wish I could write a story with no spanking or discipline at all? Very occasionally. I even make attempts. But nothing kills my muse faster than knowing there is no spanking or the things that surround spanking to dive into.

I accept my lot in life.

So for those who are new. Hi! *waves* I'm Mock and I write ALL the spanking and discipline. Like, just when you think you've read lots of spanking, well, you have not opened a Mock book yet. I consider spanking its own plot. Not part of the plot, its own plot. Therefore, two plots in this book: The Magic + Romance One and the The Spanking One.

I think Dragon Tamer might be my spankiest book yet. No one is safe from getting spanked. Well, except maybe Mads. But he's Mads. He got spanked when he was younger for sure. This is an old-fashioned, post modern wizarding world. It's what they do!

This is my way of introducing the scene. I think this is the last Charlie/Jude scene I can show without giving too much away. BUT, stay tuned because Rycroft is coming. You don't want to miss (Wells) Rycroft.

There IS spanking art too! The spanking art is done by Artsy Ape and will be in the interior of the book! It's sooooooo good. I can't wait to show you. She also did a Jude and Mads scene which gets my heart every time I look at it.

Setting The Scene:

Jude and Charlie have been writing back and forth to each other via Charlie's Hawk, Jack, an ornery bird who wears an eyepatch.

Everything you see in [ with words in italics] are the letters. They will look all nice and pretty in the book. My formatting options are limited here.

Something happened well before this scene that led to one of Charlie's first rules about drinking for Jude.

Without having read that, just trust this: Jude's being a total brat here! He deserves every smack to his cute bum! Jude is approaching his 19th birthday in this scene.

If you've read me before, you know the deal and can carry on to the excerpt! If not, I'll add this note but my wording will be careful as the last thing I want to do is kink-shame myself and others. There is nothing wrong with loving what we love or needing what we need.

I write (mostly) non-sexual, consensual-non-consent (yes, CNC is a real thing!) spanking used for disciplinary purposes (in other words, not usually for "sexy" times -- though my Tops often like it in a sexy way too, just how it is, lol).

To achieve the fullest version of "that feeling" - the unnamable feeling myself and people like me look for and love dearly -- I don't write what seems to be the "standard" in fiction, meaning, I allow it to happen organically and don't write "safe wording" or other more traditional "safety talk". I don't have long conversations about negotiating terms. Cuz honestly? I skim all that in other books. I find it super boring and it kills the vibe for me. I just get right to it and trust my characters to do what's right for each other.

I am well aware of how things would go in real life. *giant wink* If anyone wants a real story, I'm willing to tell one in particular ... because I might be able to somehow relay some things with it. LMK if you wanna hear it.

That being said, I don't feel that anything I've written in this story is "abusive" just because it's not the unofficial standard. I think it's beautiful. I love how organically things happen between them.

I hope you'll be able to find this a safe place to enjoy the fantasy of it too.

Yes, I do write other VERY morally grey stuff in some other stories I have yet to publish (and some in fan fiction) ... but this is not it. Not that everyone is perfect in this story (though to me Charlie is) but this is not one of my dark stories.

Failing that, remember, Jude can always blow Charlie across the room, LOL. He's smaller and not as strong physically (as he'll point out) but that doesn't mean he's totally helpless. He's a super powerful wizard! Plus, Mads would turn Charlie into a potion if he did anything truly harmful to Jude.

Jude LIKES that Charlie can manhandle him physically ;) Loves it even.

But all in all, I leave real life to real life, and enjoy fantasy in fiction.

All right! Onto the spanking show! ... my favorite kind of show.

The Prince Who Entered A Pissing Contest With A Dragon Tamer

Copyrighted Material 2021

Jude graduates and he’s into summer hols before healing school starts.
Wells’s parents allow him to throw a party at Rycroft Manor. The Rycrofts allow damn near everything so long as Wells is the epitome of social popularity and standing. Wells doesn’t just throw parties though, he throws massive ragers.
It leads to Charlie and Jude’s first official disagreement as … two people in a long-distance relationship.
Something that’s become clear as their relationship evolves is that Jude checks in with Charlie. This evolution, while sometimes inconvenient, is exciting, and comforting.
But like all people figuring the other out, they’re bound to stumble upon a knot.
Jude knows Charlie isn’t fond of him drinking because it doesn’t affect Jude well. Charlie doesn’t get fussed when Jude has glasses of wine at dinner with Father, but at parties? It’s a firm no.
Father gives his permission for Jude’s drinking adventure. Safety measures are in place, like Jude staying over, so no glimmering while drunk. Father even offers to send along hangover potion for Jude and all his friends. Things are looking good until Father adds, “You’d better clear it with Charlie.”
What? Clear it with Charlie? Had Papa forgotten that he’s the father, not Charlie? “Don’t your orders override all other orders?” Jude asks.
“They do,” he says. “I was only attempting to give sound counsel in case you might forget in all the excitement of such an event. You can of course choose to carry on with only my restrictions or well, lack thereof. I just think that if you do, you’re going to have an angry dragon tamer on your hands. But that’s entirely up to you.”
Yeah, yeah. Father is right. Charlie won’t like it and Merlin help him he wants Charlie’s permission. It might be an odd thing to want with him nearing nineteen, an age, while not the age of majority in the magical realm, is when parents get looser with rules.
Maybe that’s it, maybe he’s used to having rules with such a strict father…? Yet, he’s really only lived under Father’s full authority for three years so that can’t be why he craves this sort of structure.
The simple truth is that a structure evolved between Jude and Charlie. It’s riveting. It makes his heart race in the best way. It makes him feel safe. He wants to keep it and most importantly, he respects it. Not checking in with Charlie says “piss off” to that which has evolved between them.
And is hallowed.
It’s beautiful and special and theirs. Saying fuck it when it’s inconvenient for him is a shitty thing to do.
But also a brat thing to do.
“Charlie is who he is. He’s always known the core of who he is and that won’t change. You can choose to engage with him or not, but if you do, Charlie will expect no less than one hundred and twenty percent,” Father adds. Father is (as usual) right, and Jude chooses to engage with Charlie. Especially because of the special added aspects … it’s just this one time that it’s particularly pestiferous.
Can’t Charlie bend the rules just the once? No. Charlie isn’t a rule-bender. He’s not going to allow it.
In true brat fashion, he’s got to try so his first choice is to slip it into a letter like it’s no big deal. His dragon tamer won’t have suddenly gone daft, but perhaps he’d get the hint it’s something Jude really wants to do and leave it. Not that desire factors into the equation when Charlie is concerned about Jude’s well-being. Still, he tries. He talks on about his latest dragon, which Jude always loves hearing about. Hearing about dragons is hearing about Charlie. When he gets to the part about the party, he keeps it short:
[The graduation party’s at Wells’s this year, should be fun.]
There, what can Charlie do with that?
Apparently, a lot.
Charlie’s response is: [If there’s drinking at the party, I expect you’ll stick to your limit.]
Limit? I don’t have a limit!
[My father said it was all right for me to indulge.]
He went on to explain all the things Father is allowing in fact. So there. Jude swears somehow Jack gets back faster than usual.
After Charlie natters on about dragons for a page, he ends off with: [Unless you want the first thing I do when I see you to be turning you over my knee, you’ll stick with the two.]
Whoa. The rush. Charlie hasn’t given such a blatant spanking threat since his seventeenth birthday party. On the one hand it’s glorious. Charlie’s not budging. He means business. That has Jude swimming in that feeling. It surrounds him. Lifts him. He smiles despite himself.
The other hand is all brat. Jude’s not budging either. Jude goes to the party and gets right pickled. He has a fantastic time with friends, lots of not-sex with Wells, passes out in Wells’s room, and wakes up in pink panties with one helluva hangover, quickly washed away with Father’s hangover potion.
In other words, the night is a huge success.
So, there are a few bruises on his arms. Preston and Wells laugh as they recount Jude nearly smacking his head on concrete, thankfully caught by Brianna who still had the wherewithal to use magic. When he’d tripped off the balcony, it was nothing Wells’s mother couldn’t fix with a carefully applied, run of the mill, healing spell.
The sort of stuff that happens to everyone when they drink. Right?
When Jude gets home two days later (he stayed an extra night with Father’s permission), Charlie’s hawk is there. No. He doesn’t know, does he? How? Jude did not plan for him finding out. He and Wells were supposed to come up with a plan, but they killed brain cells instead and ended up playing football with Preston all the next day on the Rycroft private football pitch, and never got ‘round to it.
Jude freezes staring at the hawk outside the window.
“That hawk’s been here since first thing this morning,” Mads says.
“Weren’t you going to let him in?”
“No.” Father hasn’t forgiven the bird for biting him.
Thinking about dealing with Charlie in the future, and having to deal with him right this moment are two very different things. His stomach plummets into an abyss. He lets Jack in and he’s pretty sure Jack’s judging him.
Jude shakes himself out of the ridiculousness of it all.
Charlie will end up knowing, but he doesn’t know, yet. This is going to be a lovely message asking him about the party, telling him he’s excited to see him in a few days. All that washes away when he sees the note is addressed to: The Prince Who Entered a Pissing Contest with a Dragon Tamer. He changes his mind back.
Might as well get this over with.
[What did I tell you about getting into pissing contests with me?]
That’s all the note says. Jude swallows hard. Not good. Very, oh so, not good.
Jude’s staying with the Westleys for a couple weeks as he does. Charlie is set to arrive the same day as Jude, providing there’s nothing to keep him at the sanctuary. Myra will have a cake for Jude at the weekend and Mads will be there. Just a small event for his birthday this year.
“Uh, Charlie here yet?” Jude asks Preston. Maybe he can hide the whole time, have Preston bring him food.
Yeah, brilliant.
“Nope you’re in the clear.”
Jude’s lulled into a false sense of security with Preston convincing him he’s probably cooled off by now since it’s been three days. Jude mistakenly agrees to a game of chess in the sitting room.
It’s late afternoon when the unmistakable click of the dragon tamer’s boots resonates off the walls. The boots are on a mission. Jude hears the low, “Hi mum,” in Charlie’s thick accent but the boots don’t stop making their way into the sitting room. Jude’s heart rate increases.
Charlie enters the sitting room. Jude and Preston jump. Charlie might be larger than Jude last remembers him. His heart skips a beat at the sheer magnitude of his vitality. His shoulder muscles press against his pale brown jacket lifting it so that the rest can hang down his wide torso to his calves. His long Westley-red hair—the deepest copper intwined with crimson—is loose in waves.
His cornflower blue eyes are the only feature lending softness to his otherwise immovable countenance. The dusting of a beard rakes across his cast-iron jaw, his cheekbones the knife-edges of his face.
“Hi Preston,” Charlie says, but he’s stalking toward Jude.
Jude would run but he’s anchored in place awestricken. Does this man truly exist?
Jude doesn’t get a hello and Charlie, having found what he’s looking for easily snatches Jude and hangs him over his shoulder. “Charlie, what the—! Put me down you brute!”
He gets a crisp smack to his rear for his troubles as Charlie carries on. “Be right back, mate,” Charlie says to his brother, who isn’t going to do a thing to help him. What can he do, anyway? Charlie fights dragons. Jude’s on his own.
Charlie ferries Jude slung over his back, all the way through the house. He holds both of Jude’s legs with one strong arm and that’s all he needs to pin them immobile. Charlie brings Jude his room on the fourth floor, shuts the door and tosses Jude on the bed.
He crosses his thick arms. “What did I tell you?”
“A two-drink minimum is ridiculous. I’m older now. Can’t we talk about it?”
Charlie pulls something out of his jacket. It’s flat and a tad bigger than a hairbrush, with six bottle-cap-sized holes carved into it. “Sure, we’ll talk. Let’s have us a conversation with this shall we? And see what you say afterward.”
Charlie sits on the bed moving his long jacket to the side. Jude’s brain finally remembers it can beeline his body for the door. He tries but his mistake is glancing toward the door. Charlie barely has to move to guide Jude’s catapulting body over his lap. He spanks with his hand first. It’s strong and has plenty of force on its own. All Jude can do is take it and complain. “This isn’t fair, and it isn’t talking!”
Charlie spanks.
“I hate you!”
Charlie keeps on spanking.
“Okay, I’m sorry I was a total and utter brat. I knew how you felt about it and did it anyway.”
Charlie stops, but Jude doesn’t imagine he’s done, he’d kinda be disappointed if he was—but he’ll never admit that out loud. He helps Jude stand so he can look into his eyes. “And?”
“Next time you tell me no, I’ll behave,” Jude says, a bit breathless, trying not smile. Only a lunatic smiles when having the life spanked out of them. It’s … exhilarating though. Just like everything else with Charlie.
“You mean what you say.”
“I do, me love.” Charlie hesitates, only for a moment, when his hand falls on the button of Jude’s jeans. He looks Jude square in the eyes—this okay?—Jude nods with the hint of a smile. When his skinny black jeans are down, he’s flipped over Charlie’s knee, his white cotton pants still on. Charlie pulls his pants between the crease of Jude’s bum to expose bare cheeks, and the smacking commences.
This time, Jude detects every scar on Charlie’s palm—they’re soft and rough at the same time—his poor bum getting redder by the smack. Jude professes to be a well-behaved boy until the end of time, but it doesn’t stop Charlie from picking up that thing and rubbing it across Jude’s cheeks. “Have we established what happens to naughty dragons who don’t do as they’re told?”
“Everything is a bloody drag—ow! Yes, yes! We’ve established, please don’t use that—ow!” The fiendish wooden paddle makes contact with this arse and it’s every bit as nasty as it looks.
Jude loses track of how many times it lands on his bare arse cheeks, but it’s enough Jude understands not to involve himself in pissing contests with the dragon tamer. Jude grunts and cries out as the wood connects smartly with his exposed flesh and he can’t help attempting escapes from under its target range. He’s not going anywhere. The dragon tamer has a nice, firm hold on him without breaking a sweat. It hurts, Merlin does it hurt, but it’s also everything important to Jude. Charlie covers his entire bottom over and over as well as his fucking sensitive upper thighs, making it known exactly how displeased he is with Jude for disobeying him.
Charlie helps him stand when it’s over. Jude hadn’t cried, but he’s likely red-faced and boy does his arse throb. On the inside, Jude’s complete. Floating with euphoric buoyancy. How can a simple spanking inspire this much awe?
It was perfect in every way.
Charlie pulls his jeans over his tender bottom. Jude rubs out the soreness. Charlie smiles his knee-buckling smile, not sorry in the least. “Hi,” he says.
“Hi,” Jude says, back.
“Is it time for me to start repaying my debts? Or am I barred for smacking your naughty bottom?”
Jude blushes, blood rushing to his dick at the thought of kissing Charlie. It aches in its confines. “Kiss me, Charlie.”
This time when Charlie flips him, it’s to lay him on the bed and prowl over him. Jude’s consumed by the scent of Charlie’s soap and the sweet musk Jude’s come to associate with him.
Charlie’s lips are warm, soft and filled with Charlie-brand exuberance. Charlie’s tongue slips passed Jude’s lips. They inhale at the same time wanting as much of the other as they can have. Charlie kisses him until he’s breathless.
“That’s one,” Charlie says. “Get ready for numbers two and three.”
Charlie cages his body over Jude’s and makes good on repaying his debts.
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