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What the...? July 24th Already?

Hello and welcome back to my spanking corner of the universe!

Sorry Folks. I did not mean for this much time to pass with no blog. Truly I intend on at least one per week. In August that will be a real thing because I'm going to go into book writing mode and I'll have excerpts for you. This is not to say I'm not currently writing--I always am--but I'm going to legit focus on The Story of You. I think I've finally figured out how to write it, but I need your opinions. Below is an excerpt.

But before I get into that, how often do you want to hear from Ol' Mock? Is once a week too much? Is every two weeks better? Or is once a week not enough? I was thinking I could write spanking shorts ... maybe, when I don't have any new content to share. Might be fun just to have two characters we follow that we're just here to, um, see spanked? This means SWP which means, Spanking Without Plot. Ha! So basically Mock Indulgence. I think I've already got names for them. And I can see them in my mind. Whaddya think?