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Wells Rycroft

It's been A WEEK over here in Mockland. I'm not going to complain because overall my life is pretty damn brilliant. But then it all turned around with the wonderful things my editor said to me. She told me I was "supremely talented" (her exact words) and like, I'm the girl who couldn't string a sentence together. I had to take special classes in Uni just to be able to turn in an essay that didn't look like it was written by an eight year old, let alone get me an "A". So yeah. That turned my frown upside down. Writing everyday, 5-8 hours/day for the past 8 years is finally paying off!

I also want to give a massive shout out to my editor. She's brilliant and makes my manuscripts shine. She makes sure Mock clarifies all the muddiness so readers can understand what I'm trying to say and she's done an amazing job.

Oh, but one thing before I get into Wells! I'm going to start a new group on here which I'll talk about in another blog. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time and then I had a request and well ... I'm gonna do it. That's my FYI. More on that another time.