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Updates: Beta Read for Tristan, Xavier's School Proof and More!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I'm excited. I heard from one of the beta readers for Tristan II: A Brat's Tale and she loved the book. So far I only have to write one scene additional to what's already written in the book. We will see what the other betas say. The comments have been that the story moves swiftly from the start, drawing you in and that it's an emotion-packed book. I am relieved. Writing can be a lonely craft. You only get to know if people enjoyed at the end of a long process and even then, only if they tell you. Tristan II is a big deal to me given that it's been so long since I felt I could write it and that Tristan's story gets me in the heart. He's such a bratty yet earnest character. Plus, he's an entertaining sort of fellow. I hope everyone's going to enjoy him.

Xavier's School is officially proofed and the proofer surprised me by giving me the feedback that she found the story heart-warming. I honestly didn't expect that since I'm pretty sure the content is not her thing. Oh and! Found out she's a Supernatural fan as well so that just made me love her more than I already did. She has done a magnificent proofing job and I feel the book is ready. I also let her be the final word on something I was deciding on formatting-wise for the book since it was connected to how