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Upcoming in Books

I realize it's been an age since I've come here to talk new books and new stories. I also want to give a longer explanation as to why I haven't been updating my FF stories. Let's talk about that first.


First, I want to make it clear that NONE of my FF stories are abandoned. I mentioned at the beginning of "that which shall not be name" (because every time I try to post anywhere about it, it literally shuts down my browser which I find VERY interesting) I lost my ability to work due to l*ckdowns. This would turn out to be the beginning of the end to my 20 year Fitness and Health business. I was okay to "get by" for a little while, but after 18 months of "getting by" I had to make a decision because "getting by" wasn't going to last much longer.

My decision was publishing full time even though I wasn't in the best position financially to do so. Remember, 18 months of barely any work. My savings sapped dry because I work for myself and am not eligible for usual benefits in my country. The "special" benefits they were giving out, while helpful, didn't even cover the cost of my mortgage.

And so I had to do it---move most of my efforts away from training (I still do a little because I do enjoy it). Leaving was my only chance to move forward.

This means that time I would have spent writing Fanfiction is devoted to writing the works to publish so I can um, pay my mortgage.

I promise I'm not complaining. I am grateful for my life no matter what, but I know that sometimes people get upset and feel some kind of way when authors leave their FF works to make money from their writing.

I am at the point where I'm just trying to survive financially. I am sadly not E.L James who has been given a major movie deal. I need to get several more books out there before I'm turning enough profit to recoup my losses and live comfortably again. Hence, I need just a little more time before I can return. But The Winchesters have been calling to me and a couple other of my stories. I WILL return there. I promise!

As I keep saying, Amazon won't allow me to produce the wildly deviant stories I love writing. I will always need another place to do this. I will always be there!

Upcoming Series

As some have seen, I have a new series called: Ashley Family Rules, which yes, is a future verse of The Winchesters, but made into my own thing. Though, The Winchesters is pretty much my own thing by this point since there are exactly 3 non-original starring characters in that series. LOL Everyone else is an OC. Obviously changes and timeline shifts will have to be made to make it work, but I've got a plan. Mostly.

The first book is up, called Wild Ash and you can get it on Amazon.

Wilder Acres is the next in the series

The Lost Brothers Series

Do you recall the stories I began with our guy Silas and that merry band of characters?

The covers for all three books are in the works. Two will be done by the end of this month and the third a little later ... I think March or May? I can't wait to show you these covers. They are stellar. We've got the brilliant Inessa from Cauldron Press working on them.

I also can't wait to show you the story. Silas is probably one of my favorite characters. He's so deep and so raw and so very fucking jaded. LOL. My most perfect combination.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, Start Here and the blogs will take you to each. I can tell you the titles of each book though:

Book One: Lost Brothers

Book Two: The Story of You

Book Three: Brothers of Redemption

This series is a bit different than anything I've ever done. Still with the Mock elements you're familiar with but maybe darker? I dunno.

I don't have a preorder link yet, but for now, subscribe to my blog and/or newsletter to stay updated.

Dragon Tamer Series

The Essence of Emrys will come later this year and I promise won't be 800 pages long. I will NEVER do that again, lol.

But this cover is gonna be out of this world. I'll be working with the talented Natasha Snow on this one. If you want to be caught up you can read The Heart of A Dragon Tamer today!

There is a Hardcover Version coming soon as well! I will have more details soon. It's been created by the lovely Reader_aBee. I can't wait to show you!

And last but not least (he could never be least)...


Tristan is scheduled for May. We've already got art for our boy and I've been chipping away at this one as I write other things. This conclusion is already wild. Sex and dragons and Elves and magic!

Art by M.A. Sambre

This is my year! Only 8 novels -- NBD. I hope you'll be with me. Which one are you most excited about?

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