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Tristan's New Clothes

I bring you the last bit of "extra" from the outtakes of Tristan Two. Some things you should know before you read.

  1. These really are outtakes meaning they are not written in the order of a story. It may feel choppy.

  2. I am considering making this a novella and if I do more will be added. The time line will have to be reworked a little and the final would come out different than what I've posted here. I wrote this piece for it where we get to meet Meren and now I like Meren even more than before. However, I may just leave this as what we've got an move on to write something else of Tristan's time in Aldrien as a Novella.

  3. One of the scenes below is included in the second book but it's written from a bit of a different tense and so I always think that gives a different feel.

I just ... couldn't decide if I wanted to make this the no