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The Elven Crown Prince

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Tristan has the night off, I hope you don't mind--I know I'm not nearly as exciting--but there was no way for him to introduce this character without spoiling.

Alrik Cyredanthem is Corrik's older brother. And when I say old, I mean old. He's over four thousand. We met him briefly in the last book and he was certainly mentioned along the way. In Tristan II, he will become more prominent. You know I like to write found families. Alrik may be Corrik's actual family and therefore by marriage Tristan's actual family, but as we all know that doesn't mean you click.

There will be some "not-clicking" and then some subsequent "clicking."

I have a huge crush on Alrik. There I said it! I can't help falling in love with stern, thunderous types. I love that he's the crown prince with all of these duties. Alrik is complex in this way. To understand him, you've got to understand that he takes his duty to his people seriously--it comes before all else. He holds himself to impossible standards. He knows a lot of people depend on him.

Not sure of artist. Musing photo found on internet.

Then along comes Tristan to throw all the wrenches in his well-oiled machinery.

All right, there's an idea of him. I will also post my inspiration image of Alrik along with a VERY special piece of art from Sparkle. He gave her a hard time with his outfit. It was relayed to me that he would not decide on a color. He's so fussy! But in the end, he looks handsome as ever.

TOMORROW (June 15th), Tristan II will begin its pre-sale. I've never done one before so full disclosure, I'm nervous about it. The official release day is June 22nd. That's the BIG day. If you are planning to purchase and cannot buy during the presale (or just don't want to), release day sales help me out A LOT. I will send a remind in my NEWSLETTER tomorrow. If you want to receive my newsletter, you can sign up on the Home Page.

Royal Pain in the Ass by Sparkle

Isn't he gorgeous? I love everything about this image. And his clothes turned out lovely despite the difficult time he gave.


1. Included in Tristan will be a 20K Novella! I quickly sat down and wrote it. This means I edited it, lol. But it's 100% FREE so I hoped I'd be forgiven that. The link is at the back of the book and once the book's released I'll show everyone how to find it on the site.

2. Have been hard at work on a new story. Remember Wyatt and Darius and the rest of the gang? Well I'm 40K into writing that story. Had to pause on it to write and edit the Tristan Novella. I'm not sure how I will distribute it. I'm leaning toward here as a serial kind of thing. Maybe I'd release a chapter a week? I'm just not sure how to create that on the site yet and may have to call WIX.

3. With Tristan II complete and nearly published, I can focus on some of my Fanfiction works. I've got a fun surprise in that realm. HINT: I got Nadia to create something for me. You can expect some Dean/Michael soon!

Unfortunately there is no excerpt this time. There was nothing I could use that wouldn't give too much away BUT, I will make up for it next time. Our final guy is Corrik. I've saved him for last. I've got all kinds of art for him including a Spanking art piece AND yes, the excerpt will have spanking in it. I'll release the Corrik blog this week. Corrik is our guy. He's shined upon most by the Gods. He's got to have all the special things!

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