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Tristan II Release Day

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The day is here. I don't know how to explain this moment. There was a time I thought I'd never finish this series. It made me sad. I'm an odd bird. Very odd. The thought of not finishing felt like having the voice of a person (other than myself) trapped inside me. Now he's out there singing. I'm filled with the most joy.

I toasted with champagne to this release last night as the clock struck midnight. I haven't been drinking at all. Like zero. It was one of the small (fancy) bottles of champagne which contained two glasses and it made me drunk as hell.

What am I doing today you ask? Writing. I can never stop. I've been on an all time creative high since I began meditating last year and even though I've fallen off the band wagon a bit, I've still got creative energy for days. I have to get it out or I'll go crazy. Now that this release has happened, I can blog to you about other things. But I will tell you, my plan for the third book is to write it slow and then speed up to finish it around September/October. I already have the cover art (M. A. Sambre out did herself, seriously, can't wait to show you) and would like him out there early 2022.