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On Writing Spanking and Other Musings

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I have tried to write this four times. Each time I've made the mistake of trying to write it at the end of my day and I've been more tired than usual for no conceivable reason. I am now writing this at 10 am in the morning so it will actually get written.

I went on a walk-run this morning. It's springtime where I live and it was fragrant. I couldn't name for you all the kinds of flowers we have blooming here but it's "cherry blossom tree prevalent." Can that be a scent name? We have cherry blossom trees lining the streets in my neighbourhood. The lilacs have not come yet, but they are next. Lilacs are a favourite of mine. I have several lilac bushes in my front yard, and a Korean Lilac tree Mr. Mock bought for me when moved into our first place together. It's a small tree, about my height (5 foot three inches) and so we brought it with us to the house we live in now, where he planted it in the ground.

That's a funny story, actually. Or maybe just to me. But let's just say the planting of the tree did not go smoothly because the roots were strong and had attached themselves to the clay pot it was living in. Poor thing, tryna spread its roots, confined only to the dominion of the pot. If you're like me, you believe t