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Mocky Updates

Hey all! I have not blogged in some time. I am playing catch-up. If I have not gotten back to you on some form of social media or another, I apologize! You are important to me and I'm getting there! Between running this publishing biz, working, and trying to sleep, it's been intense, but I'm working on expanding so that I do fewer things.


I Have PAs! I Have a Facebook Group!

This brings me to my first announcement! I am pleased to bring on the Breathless Lit team as my PAs so that they can help me do the things I can pass off to them so that I can write and chat with all of YOU.

The first thing they have done is create a FB Group for me, which I'm finding is a better place to post excerpts because I can post longer ones. I have proved to be an utter failure at running a group in the past and so now I hand it over to the experts! I will still be there to chat and post memes, lol!

It's a great place to talk about my books and post your own hilarious memes that might relate to the characters. Maybe make a friend ;)

If you would like to join, here is the link:


Heartbreak Hockey


If you are new to the Mockiverses, this series is the lightest thing I've EVER written both in terms of darkness and spanking/Domestic Discipline.

I have recently discovered the importance of perhaps a little ... something to let people know a little more about what I write.

We all know how well I TAG and CW my books -- they are often a book before the book, but I'm realizing just how foreign of a concept DD is to the mainstream and so I'm probably gonna have to come up with something MORE. I'm not sure if this will be in the form of a blog or a note? Anywho, for now, welcome, welcome new readers! If you do not like non-sexual spanking in any form, you might wanna skip my backlist. Heartbreak Hockey series will continue to be "spanking/DD lite", but my other series will be wrought with my particular brand of spankaliciouness. If you have any questions for me, reach out! The reason I write this kinda stuff is because ... SURPRISE! I am it. I didn't invent this sexual orientation.

I would like to write a non-fiction book about it sometime and questions and things that are hard to understand would be great to include in such a book.

Providing I can someday find a way to articulate these feelings, lol.


The Dragon Warlord

If you pre-ordered, you may have gotten a note from Amazon already. I made a mistake when I originally created the preorder. It was always supposed to be released in May, but I entered the wrong date (it's done by numbers and I must have entered "04" vs. "05). I apologize for this. Human error! The new and proper release date is for May 29th, 2023.

It can be pre-ordered NOW.

Cover Art Design by Natasha Snow


The Ashley Family Rules Series

Someday I shall get to changing the back matter to reflect the fact that book 3 is not yet available. That day shall come soon. For now, I do apologize, but it's not yet available. It's still in the works and I want to get back over there very soon. I had a storytelling glitch with that one. Originally, I wrote it as a spanky thing for myself and readers who like that sort of thing. But then there was investment in some of the other characters I had not planned on delving into. Now, I feel like it would short-change them ... only the series is not quite set up to tell their story and people tend to get upset when I include too many POVs.

So here I sit with my dilemma and that's why it's not written.

I am certain a solution is forthcoming and it WILL be completed as soon as that happens. Thank you for your understanding.

I didn't expect so many people to read that series. I am shocked that so many of you are enjoying it, so thank you for that!

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