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Mock Writes Story #3 - Julius and Oliver (1/2)

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Here it is. The final "musing" sent by @vale_universo. She sent in an image of the gorgeous Roberto Bolle for me to muse with. He will be cast as the dancing legend Julius Vincenzo in my story. Have you seen this man dance in real life though? I have an instant obsession. He's amazing in every way. I'm convinced.

For this story. Like with the other because I'm now going to write more there are some things unfinished and this is more of an intro to these characters.

Also, my challenge was to muse a POV of whatever was sent to me. It made me realize that while yes, I've written Cas and some other Tops over the years, I've been shying away from writing their POVs. They're in my stories but I'm in a brat's POV when they show up. This forced me to be a Top for at least two POVs. It was good for me as a writer in this genre.