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Meet Xavier

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

For some reason, when I get home from work on Fridays, my body is beaten and abused. It's as if someone's taken a meat tenderizer to my body and gotten real happy with it. My brain is only partially functioning. Work takes it out of me, but I've got coffee by my side and I really want to introduce everyone to Xavier.

My life is boring, so I'll get right to it.

Physical and Other Attributes:

Xavier is tall. Towering. He's at least six feet, five inches. That's 195.58 cm. He's broad shouldered with lots of beefy muscles, the kind that want to burst the seams of the fancy

shirts he wears. Basically he's massive and could throw you around if he wanted to--and I mean I wouldn't be opposed, just sayin'. He's got messy, dark, Superman hair (wink) and eyes so blue Finn thinks they must have been Photoshopped. He's usually clean-shaven, but I could see him allowing a little gruff to grow at times. He's British, with a posh accent. We don't get to learn much in the way of his background this story--this is Finn's story afterall--but we do get to experience what a hard ass he is.

Which is why we are here!

As the title says, it's Xavier's school. He owns it and he's the headmaster. He spanks everyone--no one is safe. This leaves me so much to explore, so many dynamics, which is one of the many reasons I need more than one book to wade through this world. Xavier loves spanking more than anyone can imagine. It's a good thing Finn loves it too, more than he lets on.

Xavier's Story:

As I said above, this is Finn's story, but Xavier plays a huge role in Finn's story. I don't want to say much more than this, so I don't spoil, but he's a key player.


I watched the Witcher sometime last year and cannot get Henry Cavill out of my mind. He's bound to inspire many more Tops in my imagination--Xavier is one! I pretty much just sent Artsy Ape and Nadia pics of Henry Cavill and said, "Xavier looks like this in my head, but like, change him some so he doesn't see this book and sue me." Ha! As if Henry Cavill will find my little page on the internet. From there, Xavier has all the standard things I love in Tops; big energy, firm, solid, strict and most important, heavy-handed.

BUT, as always, he's got a soft spot for his favourite brat.

This is another lovely artwork from Artsy Ape. It doesn't go with the excerpt (this shows another scene) but we can see Xavier's softer side.

What are you looking forward to about Xavier? (though I think I can guess)

Please enjoy this excerpt from the book!

Xavier's School - Chapter 6

I’m disappointed there’s no more touching, or snuggling into his jacket, but I get the feeling the only touching he wants to do right now is his hand smacking onto my backside, which I’d like to avoid at this juncture. It’s the language Xavier knows, and it soothes him every bit as much as it does me—that much I’ve figured out—because it’s the language the House speaks and the comfort it seeks too.
Dammit. I know what to do. I need to do it. As much as Tops are drawn to soothe us … oh fine ‘brats’, us brats are drawn to soothe Tops. I’ve watched Grayson do it a ton, Chris, Bellamy and Johnny too. Even Bray when he’s in the mood. I swallow. “Oh, sir? One more thing. We can still have people over, right?” It’s not against House rules for each of us to have one friend from another House over. If it’s more than that, it turns into a party, which would require permission, but as the rules stand, that means one for me and one for Grayson.
His eyes narrow. “Who?”’
I shrug. “Haven’t decided yet, but there is this hot Top, Nikolage, from one of my harder classes. Maybe he can uh, help me with my homework?” I waggle my eyebrows, suggesting that yes, fucking Nikolage is what I mean.
His chair slides out, he stands, hands flat on the desk and my heart’s beating so damn fast. I have to take a stealthy breath. Maybe I should abandon the whole thing—I’m poking at a fucking lion and I know it—but I also know in my bones it’s the right thing to do.
“Why?” I dare to cross my arms at him—a, God … a brat’s red flag, okay?
“Come here, my little Finnegan.” He flashes shark teeth at me. He is predator, I am prey.
I want to buckle, I want to tell him I’m just kidding, but I’m in too deep now. I commit. “So you can spank me? Forget it. It’s not against the rules. I was kind enough to even run it by you. I’ll be leaving now.”
I went too far didn’t I? Yep. Too far.
Xavier clears his desk in a smooth, panther-like leap. I’m quick to respond, gripping either side of the leather chair I was just sitting in, catapulting myself over it. But I was a hockey player, not a gymnast and though my response is quick, my catapulting skills aren’t graceful. I catch the chair and hit my knee, landing like a rock on the other side. “Fuck!” I roll on the ground behind it, licking my wounds.
How is it I can take one helluva spanking, but this paralyzes me?
Xavier’s there fast, reminding me of Superman, with the way his jacket flares. He crouches beside me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you hurt?”
I laugh. “I’m fine. I wasn’t scared.”
“You were a bit, but ... well I thought you wanted me to chase you.” I’ve never seen the man blush, he does now. He can’t even look at me.
I wait until he braves my eyes again. “Xavier, I did want you to chase me.”
He stares frozen, my words sinking in, as my heart thumps loud drumbeats into my ears. While I wait for him to come to, I rub my sore knee. It is fine, but there’s gonna be a nice bruise I’ll have to explain to Ani later. I smile thinking of the arnica he’ll insist he has to apply to it. Xavier notices my rubbing.
“Your knee.”
“No, Xavier—”
But it’s too late. He scoops me up and it’s fucking embarrassing how easy it is for him to lift me. It’s not like I’m small. He’s got me bridal style and he swings me around, placing me in the chair and bending down to inspect the knee. I wore loose jeans, he’s able to roll them up to have a look. “Doesn’t look to be swelling, but you’ll ice it anyway when you’re home. Understood?”
He’s holding my knee in both of his elegant hands, which are hot against my skin. I have to look down at him. “I will, sir.”
I’m kicking myself now. This was a disaster. One point to me on not being a brat, a real brat would have pulled this off, I end up injuring myself.
“Now that it’s established your knee will be fine, we will address, Nikolage.” His nose wrinkles, his form takes up all the space in the room once again.
Shit. Already forgot about Nikolage. “There’s no Nikolage. I just said that to—”
“—I know Nikolage.”
“I meant there’s no Nikolage for me, sir. I only said that to, never mind. May I go?”
He’s staring at me for a new reason now, a smile spreads slowly, reaching his eyes. He yanks me up. We’re close, my lips aren’t far from his. “I want to spank you so badly right now.”
That was the goal. “You uh, you can, sir.” My voice is above a whisper.
“I know. I can spank you whenever I want. But that would not be a good idea. It’s day eight, Finnegan.”
“I am well aware of the day, Headmaster Harkness,” I say, boldness returning. Two can play the game of cheek, but only one of us will win, we both know it’s going to be him.
“All right, that’s quite enough cheek from you, brat.”
I light up everywhere. Maybe him calling me brat isn’t so bad?
“I don’t date people, Mr. Brighton. I own them. Do you want to be owned?”

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