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Meet Will

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I saved Will because many of you will know him. Or well, you'll know his Mockiverses counterparts (Mockiverses is coined by the lovely Sparkle by the way). In fact, one of the betas phrased it like this: Will reminds me of Dallas, [Dallas] reminds me of Noah.

For those of you who are new here, Dallas and Noah are characters in some other stories of mine who are similar to Will. It's in their cantor, the way they carry themselves, the way they talk and the fact that they are all cowboys! But if I can find a way to put a cowboy (or cowboys) in a story, I will! I fail to see anything wrong with this.

As you will see though, Will is his own person, but he's got some familiar catchphrases!

Physical Attributes and Character Traits:

Will is the only Top at Alpha House. Ani helps a lot, but he's not a Top. Will can handle this lot just fine though. He's nearly as tall as Xavier, about six feet two or three with wavy blonde hair to his neck. He's the kind of no nonsense Top you'd expect with so many brats running around but he's got lots of solid cuddles on offer---solid cuddles are a thing!

He's a true gentleman, a southern boy (even if he's still half-Canadian) and he's a got the largest bed in the house and an open-door policy, in case anyone wants to slip in with him in the middle of the night.

It was hard to pick which excerpt about Will to share. He's in the book a lot. His character is important to Finn's story (and just generally important). I chose this one because it's when Finn meets him for the first time too--and there's more Grayson in it, who won't need an introduction by the time I get to him.

The pictures are my inspiration for him even though they're not quite what's in my head. Artsy Ape drew a lot of Will so there will be art in the book for you!


Xavier's School ~ Chapter 2

I’m about to ask him if he’s even talking to me, or to himself, but I don’t get the chance. From down below a deep voice bellows, “Grayson!”
Grayson’s eyes widen. “Shit! Fuck. I gotta go.” He looks around and spies the open window, heading for it. “You never saw me. Know what? You don’t even know I exist.”
I don’t get time to figure out what all of that means, he’s lifting himself up the ledge as the door to my room bursts open—no knocking in this house apparently. A tall, burly man storms in dressed in pants that are more holes than jean, showing off his thick thighs. Wow his jaw. It’s strong, a firm and unmovable thing that gives his frame a sense of steadiness. Wavy blonde hair brushes the edge of that jaw, the sun seems to glint off it. And is that a cowboy hat? Yep, yep. He’s wearing an actual cowboy hat in the house.
Not that I mind.
“Grayson Bartholomew, you stop right there, or the spanking you’ll get will be worse than the one you have coming.”
From what I’ve seen, my guess is that Grayson will hop out the window anyway, but he doesn’t. He turns around. “Now, William. There’s no need for all this. You’ll scare the new guy.”
William looks to me as if he can suddenly see me now that Grayson’s pointed me out. “Hello Finn. Welcome. I’ll be having a chat with you shortly. Sorry about this,” he says, making his way into the room.
“Will. No. No.” Will easily lifts Grayson over his shoulder with a crisp smack to his ass.
“Let me go, you brute!”
“You wanted my attention, darlin’, you got it. See you in a moment, Finn,” he says to me, and then carts Grayson off.
It’s not long before I hear smacks ring out from down the hall. I know the sound, I just listened to it for what felt like forever when Xavier spanked the life out of me. Holy shit, it sounds like one helluva spanking. And it dawns on me as I continue to listen, what Xavier meant when he said, ‘Head of House.’ Will is in charge here and he can spank me too.
Of course, I knew this. It all returns to my brain—the rules, regulations and protocols—but I’d put it out of my mind focused on the prospect of having to answer to Xavier. Wow, yeah. It will be hard procrastinating around here.
By the time I’m done with my bed, the spanking has stopped, but I’m so invested in what’s going to happen next, like I’m watching a movie play out, I’ve got my senses tuned. Even with all the reading and all the questions, I didn’t expect the House to be so involved.
And now I’ve got to know what happens. Will Grayson be upset over being spanked? Mad about it? Fearful? How does it all work? I dunno, but I have to see.
Only, that means not sulking in here over the spanking I got—the one I literally paid for—which let’s face it, that was my plan. To prolong making the decision, to go downstairs or stay in my room, I change my clothes. My ass is still on fire. I take time to rub it, before I slip into grey sweats and a white t-shirt. White t-shirts are my go-to, they match my blonde hair and people always tell me they make my green eyes pop.
This time I get a knock on my door. “Finn? Can I come in? It’s William.”
He opens the door and even though he’s not fiery anymore, wow the energy that comes off of him naturally. He’s powerful. He’s more the in-charge-kinda-guy versus the needs-someone-in-charge-of-them-kinda-guy. He extends his hand. “Time for a proper introduction. Pleasure to meet you, Finn. I’m William, but you can call me Will, or sir when the time calls for it.” He winks. “Welcome.”
It’s not often I don’t know what to say back, but I don’t and my throat closes up. I do shake his hand though.
He smiles. “Looks good in here,” he says, peering around and then cutting to the chase. “Well, I wager you’ll have something for me to tend to, sweetheart.”
Oh right. The ‘care’ Xavier mentioned. “You know I think I’m good,” I tell him. The words just slip out.
“Don’t think so, darlin’. Pants down and over the bed. Now.” He turns expecting his will to be done. “There should be some … oh here it is,” he says, taking something from a cupboard I haven’t been into yet. “Aloe for your tender cheeks.”
He’s so normal about everything. “Couldn’t I put that on myself?”
“I suppose technically you could, but that ain’t happening. Lose the pants, kid. Not asking a third time.”
Kid? I’m no kid. But I do drop my pants—less concerned with people seeing stuff than I was earlier today, I’ve devised no one here thinks too long over stuff like this—and throw myself over the bed, making my displeasure known. I jump a little when I feel his hand. The skin is tender and that aloe is cold. He’s gentle though and when he’s done, some of the sting is relieved—not gone—and yeah, there is something nice to the ritual. I could fall asleep.
“All right, stand up.”
Jeez this guy. He’s oddly militant for someone who also uses the terms ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’. I do though, pulling up my pants and wham! I’m pulled in for my second hug of the day.
What’s with all the damn hugging around here, Finn?
I do not know.
“You okay now, sweetheart?”
“I was okay before, promise.” I should worm my way out of this hug but, well, it’s a really good hug. He’s hard and soft at the same time and he smells good, fresh like after a heavy rain. It’s not quite as solid as the hug Xavier gave me, but then again, I’m not sure anything’s going to be. Oh God, what am I thinking? I’m analyzing hugs. What are these people doing to me?
He kisses the top of my head and then pulls away. “There now, you’re properly inducted. Dinner’s in an hour, but Ani wants to talk to you. You should go down there if you’re done here.”
“Yeah that’s the thing, I was planning on chilling here for a bit.”
“Sorry, kid. Not on your first night. Downstairs in ten minutes. That bum looks too sore for another spanking. Xavy must really like you by the way.”
I’m not sure I agree that a harder spanking means more ‘like’, but that’s not my issue. “But, I don’t want to come downstairs.” Dude. Finnegan. Why do I sound so juvenile? It’s this house. This house is doing something to me.
“Too bad. Ten minutes, Finnegan. The response you’ll be looking for to that one is, yes sir.”
Heat blooms across my face. “Yes, sir.”
He winks and dammit, it’s hard to be mad at him. Still throw my pillow at the door when he shuts it behind him.
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