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Meet the Rest of the Gang!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We've met Finn, Grayson, Ani and Will from Alpha House. We've met Xavier and Osh who don't live at the house but are important to Finn's story. But there are four others who live in the House who definitely participate in the dynamic but we don't get to see a lot of this round. There are three more from Sigma House (Where Osh lives), Trevor, Emmery and Max who have stories too!

It's hard to tell multiple people's stories at once. I've done it, I'm sure I'll do it again but this time around, I opted to write a (roughly) six book series and focus on less people's stories at a time, slowly building on each book. I have a vision. This family of men have really got into me and I hope to do their lives justice, going deeper into each of them.

A bit of it boils down to cost too. Editing is worth every penny, but they are pretty pennies and we don't even have any pennies in Canada! Just a bunch of toonies and loonies and washable money. (though I have to say that water-proof money has come in handy--I washed five, twenty dollar bills once by accident, they were fine once they'd gone through the spin cycle and spring fresh!)

My point being, I will get these guys out to you but it will be in phases and I will continue to develop everyone's story. Each of these men are important.

For now a quick low down on the remaining members of Alpha House.


I think it's safe to say that Bellamy is the brattiest, brat in the House. He's often in trouble. As many of you know, Queer as Folk is one of my ultimate muses. I picture Bellamy a little like Brian from QAF but shorter. I truly believe Bellamy means well (though I can see how that's often questionable) but, well, he's got stuff going on---not delved into in this book---and so he gets out of hand sometimes. However, this makes for fun spankings for us to see so it works in our favour.

Stephen Bray:

Stephen prefers to be called Bray and he can also tend toward some more intense brat behaviour like Bellamy but I see him as "the wise brat". He'll team up with Bellamy, because they're a pair (a House pair, you'll see what that means) but he's also there to ground Bellamy and keep him from being too wild. That doesn't mean he doesn't have his own schemes. He does, but he's sweeter than Bell (Bellamy can retaliate with nastiness at times). In the book I say his Dad is of Scottish decent and his Mom is African-American. How do you find that on the internet? I don't know. If anyone finds someone like that, send it my way. But this gorgeous model has some of the features I see in Bray and look at that hair! I think we all know I have a massive hair fetish. Bray has this gorgeous hair he does all kinds of things with, one being tying it in a massive man-bun when it's braided.


Chris is probably the least bratty of the brats (even less than Finn) and would be somewhat closer to Ani on the Top to Brat spectrum, but he doesn't prefer to take charge like Finn might if somehow the brats got left home alone. He will complain but he's been known to participate. It depends. Chis is kind though, if a little grouchy at times. And I'm sorry, I don't know who this model is but that ass in those jeans! *fans self*

Johnny Rae:

Johnny is, unfortunately, the least mentioned in this book. We don't see him a lot but that doesn't mean he's not important. It's just because he's probably even more introverted than Finn and is clever about sneaking off to his room. But he's a really cool guy and I love him a lot! He's probs the most adorable in the house and people love taking care of him and snuggling with him when they can catch him---don't worry, he likes snuggling too! He's a House pair with Chris, you'll often find them together. I'd say he looks closest to this, but it's not quite what I see. But this is just for an idea anyway. Head canon whoever you like for anyone and I'm very open to hearing about your head canon!

One of the things I enjoy writing most are the dynamics at work in these style of relationships and the various antics that happen. I chose this excerpt because I think it's the amalgamation of one of the beautiful things that can result.

I also want to mention that this scene was written because of a beta suggestion. I do heavily consider all beta feedback even if sometimes it doesn't make it into the book (various factors go into my decision-making process).

If not for her suggestion, this wouldn't be written and it would be a shame! This is the first time Finn has a "sleepover" in Will's bed. Originally, I merely said it happened instead of showing it, attempting to make the story shorter (remember my whole, I'm gonna write a 60K story journey?) But she said to me, "Mock. I love firsts. How can you deprive us readers of this first?" (Okay, so those weren't her exact words, but it's close to and it's the message I received, lol) I said, "Yeah ... yeah you're right. It needs it. Screw 60K books!"

Let it be stated here and now, I am happy to have people surrounding me who fuel my madness! Bless her.

Grayson is there too of course---he's not sleeping by himself and he's not missing their first sleepover. This is what happened.

Xavier's School ~ Chapter 10

I’m over the moon when I walk in the door on time. Grayson is there. “It’s about time,” he complains, wrapping himself around me. “You smell like him. It’s too soon for that, you’re supposed to smell like us.”
That catches my attention. I thought I was the only one who noticed weird shit like that, but I’m not. There are others like me in the world and I have found them.
We go through our nightly abolitions together, slipping into pajamas, brushing our teeth, washing our faces. “Awww, no one waited for me,” Will complains, entering the communal washroom. There are three other washrooms in the house, but this one sees the most traffic and for some reason, all our toothbrushes are kept here.
“We brushed our teeth, we didn’t leave you home without us,” Gray says.
“I wanted to do all the stuff with y’all.” Are Tops allowed to be adorable? Is that a thing? Because with his lip pouting like that, he is.
“Not to worry, we’ll brush and braid your hair, William. Maybe even sing campfire songs.” Grayson dodges the smack headed toward his ass, laughing. “Okay, okay. We’re sorry.”
I hand Will the toothpaste. “Yeah, we’re sorry.”
“Apology accepted,” he says, taking the toothpaste from me. “But you two can wait for me.”
Grayson rolls his eyes, hopping onto the counter, threading a leg between Will’s thick ones. I don’t have quite that level of comfort with the large cowboy and can only watch his wide lats flex, and his golden hair sway against his back as he gets ready. He’s got grey cotton pajama pants on and nothing else. I can see the outline of his hard cock through the thin material.
Will has large presence like Xavier does. He’s firm. All air stops around him swirling there and forming currents that follow him where he goes, making him the force he is. I am calmed by it. Any nerves I had float away, join with his energy and are nullified there. They sift out as a gentle breeze.
“All right, hop on,” he says, to Grayson, turning around, his back to Gray. Grayson clings to his neck and wraps his legs around his torso. Will reaches for my hand and I take it. “Bedtime boys.”
The three of us are Xavier’s, so we have a bedtime even though the rest of the house doesn’t. This doesn’t stop Will from sending people to bed if he thinks they need it. When Gray and I came up to brush our teeth, Ani was still on the pale green couch, reading, his apron finally off and hung on its hook in the kitchen.
I don’t know what Bray and Bell were up to and frankly, it’s best not to know most of the time. Chris and Johnny went off to Ani’s room, telling Ani they were sleeping with him tonight. Ani didn’t ask why, said he’d see them in an hour or so.
It’s creeping close to our bedtime, but we have time for some tomfoolery if that’s where this is headed. Snuggling means snuggling around here, it’s not code for anything, but that doesn’t mean other things can’t happen.
Nothing’s happened between Will and I though. Yet. If I know anything about the tall cowboy, he’s a southern gentleman. It likely won’t tonight.
We get to Will’s room and Will deposits Grayson on the bed. Will has the largest bed of us all because so many come into his room for comfort. There are nights when he’s had near everyone in with him. The mattress is twelve feet wide, there are fourteen pillows (regular pillows, not the fancy ones like in Ani’s room) and two beige, king-sized duvet comforters overlaid at their ends in the middle of the bed.
Grayson and I climb under the covers as Will turns out the lights, leaving only the bedside ones on, some light from the moon shines in the window. Will climbs up the middle of the bed, his limbs weaving like a large cat, flopping between us like a tired rabbit. We settle him under the duvets with us, me on one side, Grayson on the other.
Even with the two of us on top of him, Will manages to be the mountainside we can’t overtake. This is not my first snuggle-time with Will, but it is my first snuggle-time sleepover and it feels significant.
“So? Do I need to get this started?” Gray says. “I was kinda hoping you would, William. You know I’m not good at that sort of thing. Threesomes are not my forte.”
“We’re not doin’ that tonight, darlin’.”
“We’re not?”
“No. I know you two’ve already had nights like that together, but if Finny does want to do that with me, we’ll have a night to ourselves first thank you very much, Grayson.” Will kisses my head.
“Then why did you leave the light on? That’s suggestive,” Grayson complains. “Plus you’ve got a hard-on the size of—”
“—okay, that’s enough. The light’s on because this is our first sleepover. I thought we could chat some before we close our eyes. You know? Have some of that fun you’re always complainin’ I never do.”
I enjoy listening to the pair of them bicker, it’s one of the sounds of home. I trace my fingers along Will’s abs. “I’d like that, Will,” I tell him. A night with him I mean. He knows.
“Okay, I’ll plan it, sweetheart.” He takes my hand, lacing his large one with mine. “But if you keep doin’ that, I am gonna wind up inside of yah and I’ll feel like a dog for days.”
I raise an eyebrow in Grayson’s direction, asking him to translate Will-speak. “He’ll feel like he took advantage and didn’t treat you as a gentleman should, as the precious raindrop you deserve to be treated as. If we’re not gonna do it, can we just go to sleep? This sucks.”
“Lordy be, Grayson.”
I laugh at them. “What happened tonight while I was gone?” I ask.
They bicker over the telling of a story. Johnny and Chris made water balloons they used to ambush Bell and Bray with, as a return for the great maple syrup debacle from last week. I was around for that one, Bell and Bray dipped Johnny and Chris’s sheets in buckets of maple syrup, let them dry and then made up their beds with them. I knew something was going to happen sometime soon.
“It was awesome. Will actually let them retaliate until it got too close to the house.”
“Normally I wouldn’t have, but maple syrup sheets? That was rotten. Water balloons aren’t harmful in the yard.”
“Aww man. I missed a good time.”
“Don’t worry, they’ll be a next time, Finnegan,” Grayson assures me.
“Not till the summer,” Will decrees. “I don’t need, y’all gettin’ hypothermia.”
“And this is just what I mean about no fun. You need to lighten up, William. No one’s going to get hypothermia.”
“They won’t, because I’m in charge and I won’t allow it. All right you two, it’s time for sleep.”
We turn out the lights and close our eyes. I sink into deep contentedness against Will, wondering why I didn’t do this sooner. I can see why everyone collects here through the night.
It doesn’t take long for me to experience a taste of what it’s like to be Will with his open-door sleeping policy. Johnny’s the first. He climbs in on the other side of Grayson. “You okay, darlin’?” Will’s sleepy voice says.
“Yeah, I just needed to come in here.” Johnny had been in with Chris and Ani. I get it now though, sometimes you just need Will’s massive energy.
Ani and Chris follow soon after. “Aww, we want in too,” Ani says, sliding in on my side, spooning Chris.
“We’re just missing—” Will begins.
He doesn’t finish his sentence, Bray and Bellamy are crashing inside the door having some kind of whisper argument.
“Just get in here you two and close the door,” Will says. “If I don’t have sleeping boys within the next four minutes, I’m handing out bedtime spankings.”
Bray slides in on Chris’s side, Bellamy on the other side of Johnny. We all fit snuggly, in harmony. It’s not too much for the bed, or for us, it’s baby bear: just right.
It took me a long while to get here, maybe longer than it should have, but it doesn’t matter, I’m here now. I want it always to be just like this.
I sink further into my life here.
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