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Meet Osh

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I believe I have a release date for the book. I have a trailer made and will put the trailer out to announce it!

Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce you to Osh.

Understand, I loved Osh as soon as he appeared in my head. I'm biased though so I didn't expect others to like him as much as I did. Only because I know it's hard to like new characters, especially when we don't get to see much of them. To my shock and delight, nearly every beta loved Osh and wanted more. My editor repeatedly told me how much she loved Osh and would like to see more of him.

The response was so positive for this character, I tried to put more of him in this book. Unfortunately, it didn't fit with the "story" of this book. Believe me when I say I even looked for how I could slip a tiny something--a moment, an extra spanking--but it wasn't meant to be this time around.

Rest assured, you will see more of him in the next book.

What did people like about him? It's been said that he feels complete. That he's solid and down to earth and could give you the best hug, but then pop you one [spank your bum] when you prance off elsewhere (from my editor). People have also said, he feels strong like Will (who you will meet soon) with an almost motherly essence like Ani, but seems more fun and willing to indulge in mischief (from a sparkling beta).

Physical and other attributes:

Osh is a tall, beefy, Japanese-Canadian man. He's got dark eyes, and a wicked undercut (like Finn) only the long part of his hair is long, reaching to his mid-back. Of course, this is only when it's down, which isn't often. He usually keeps it tied atop his head because he cooks a lot.

He doesn't live at Alpha House with Finn and the rest of the boys we've met so far. He's a Top over at Sigma Phi House. He's strict, he won't tolerate sassy boys and he carries a wooden spoon in his apron he uses liberally on bare bottoms if you give him cause.

Osh and Finn:

The relationship between Osh and Finn blooms when Osh becomes Finns tutor. Finn is a brat (even if he doesn't know it at first) and brats need to run off their brat energy, something Xavier isn't as likely to tolerate for as long. While Osh isn't any less strict, he's more tolerant of brat behaviour, and will even have fun with it. The energy between Finn and Osh develops into something playful and loving.

For pictures, I'd love to get him drawn at some point as I couldn't quite find what I see in my mind for Osh. Above is an idea of how I imagine his hair. To the right of this paragraph is an idea of his face and body. In my head, he has larger shoulders (I have a thing for massive shoulders) and a wider, chiseled torso. For now, this glimpse is what I have to give you.

Please enjoy this excerpt!

Xavier's School ~ Chapter 9

“Osh, please. Don’t make me write it out again.” I’m not a mathematician; I’m a creative! I’m not sure there’s any amount of times I can write out this math problem that will make it stick in my head.
“Again. Sixty times. That should do it.”
“You’re all sadists around here, that’s the real problem.”
“Excuse me?”
“Uh, nothing, sir.”
“That’s what I thought. You work, I’ll make snacks.”
I complain, but I adore Osh. Like Xavier and Will, Osh seems to bring out the brat in me. Actually, Osh might bring out the most brat in me. I’m developing unique relationships with each of the Tops in my life.
Osh is willing to let me play more, toe the line and let my brat roam free. Not Xavier. He brings the hammer down on me fast. He appreciates some banter, but I’m not allowed to step too far. I’ve noticed though, I don’t want to with Xavier. Not as much. I want to be—oh God—a good boy. Something I’ve recently had to admit to and process. Brat slips off the tongue easier these days, good boy still makes me flush with embarrassment even though I can’t deny loving the hell out of the term and living for the moments someone calls me good boy.
As I live through more experiences with the domestic discipline stuff, I see how many onion layers there are to it. I didn’t believe Xavier when he said I would need more than just him. How could that be? But Xavier does not prefer a bratty-brat. He likes a well-behaved boy. However, he knows I need that brat play sometimes, which is part of why he set up these tutoring sessions with Osh. Our energies clicked instantly, and I get to run off all my brat energy with him so I don't get into as much trouble with Xavier.
Which makes me all the more curious to meet Bellamy’s Top. He has one, but I haven’t met him yet. What is the kind of Top, who prefers one as bratty as Bellamy?
But Osh, he loves a brat, is amused by them. He plays back, which strengthens my theory about there being a little brat in every Top. Even still, I’m tempted to place Osh just after Will on my imaginary Top to brat spectrum chart. Not sure yet though, so I’ll put him there in brackets with a question mark beside.
In addition to brats, Osh loves to cook as much as Xavier does. Ani does too, but they have different ways about it. Ani has a feminine quality to him, and it bleeds into the way he runs his kitchen. Osh and Xavier are more masculine, and they don’t run a kitchen, they direct it. It’s a lot more organized, but also less fun. I prefer cooking with Ani, and cringe when Osh or Xavier tell me I’m helping them.
I’ve enjoyed hanging out at Sigma Phi house every Tuesday and Thursday after class. They have their own dynamics and I feel at home here too. It’s not home-home, but it’s an extension of.
Their kitchen has a long bar-top counter with five stools on the side opposite to where Osh likes to do most of his chopping and prepping. The stove is across the way against the wall and it’s larger than ours. Ani’s jealous of its six-burner top—he hasn’t said so, but I can tell. They don’t have as large of a table in their kitchen like we do. Just a small square table with four chairs on one side of the kitchen and a banquette seat built into the wall over near the door leading out to the deck that can seat up to five. They do have a nice dining room table in the next room over, which I’m told gets used often.
I do my homework wherever Osh tells me to set up and today it’s at the bar-top. He sets a bowl of homemade soup beside me, which is my fucking favorite. “Let it cool, and then you may have a break to eat.”
“It’s about time, my hand is cramping,” I say. Plus, I want to check my phone. I’ve felt it go off several times in my pocket, but that’s a no go while doing homework unless I want it confiscated.
My wrist healed quickly with all the care it got, but it wasn’t my right wrist anyway, which is the side I write with, I’m just complaining because I can. After I eat, he sits at the bar-top with me. “Now that you’ve written this out, it will be in your brain. The formulas will feel familiar to you and we can dissect where you’re having an issue.”
He is a good teacher, even if he’s strict with his methods. He’s also large and I love having his arm around me as we meticulously go over the problems together. “All right, enough for today. You are free,” he says, when he’s determined our time is up. There is no maximum amount of time, just a minimum. I have to receive at least two hours of tutoring, but I stay until he dismisses me.
“Sweet.” I don’t delay, packing up my book bag.
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