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Meet Grayson

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I think there's a good chance by this point that Grayson needs no introduction, but if I gave Finn an introduction and not Grayson, he'd never let me hear the end of it.

So here goes.

Physical and other attributes:

This picture is almost the Grayson in my head but you can get an idea of how the shape of his hair is and from that, how it might move. It's more wispy though, and I often describe it in the book as "feathery" because it moves when he walks like a batch of spread feathers might. Though, baby-chicken-head might be apt too because it's fine hair like on the top of a baby chick's head. But Grayson would not like that descriptor! Ha! He's so fussy.

Grayson is thin. Much thinner than I could find on the internet. He often tries to hide his thinness with baggy clothes which may not be overly apparent in this book. I had to focus mostly on Finn's story this time around. I can dig into the others more in future. He's also a smaller guy, smaller than Finn. Around five feet seven. Easy for Will to lift over his shoulder.

He's got a posh way of speaking but not quite a British accent like Xavier has---maybe just the hint of one.

Believe it or not, he's isn't the brattiest brat in the House (that's Bellamy) but he's up there. He knows how to toe the line well and when he goes over it, it's hard to call it accidental.

Grayson and Finnegan:

These two became a pair fast. Grayson always wanted a brat best friend. And sure, there were plenty around, but not the one he clicked with. All other brats had another brat in the house they vibed with, but Grayson didn't so when Finn came he latched on.

This story is within the "Found Family" trope and while everyone makes Finn feel part of the House family, the bond with Grayson assists with Finn's unique comfort needs the most during his first months.

And they get into a lot of trouble together.

You've seen Gray appear a few times in excerpts but here is another featuring him. It's post a meeting they had with Xavier in which he warned them not to go to the party for reasons.

You getting excited? Release day is almost here! I should receive the manuscript back from the proofer this week. It will be plenty ready in time for April 21st!

Xavier's School ~ Chapter 6

“Well, looks like our night just got cozy,” I say to Grayson as we walk back from Xavier’s office.
“We’re going to that party, Finnegan, if it’s the last thing we do.”
Oh brother. It might be. “What was all that stuff in there? Aha! I knew you couldn’t be that agreeable.” When we get home, the living room is empty for once. We’re able to bypass any Top ears and head to my room where we can talk in private—after I grabbed ice for my knee of course, even though it’s total overkill.
Grayson throws himself down on my bed, wiggling against the soft blue comforter, as I pull out a pair of sweats to change into, to make icing easier. “I had to throw him off the scent, he was onto me. I actually think he was more onto you,” he says.
“Why was he more onto me?”
“Because you’re a terrible liar. We’re going to have to work on that.”
“I wasn’t trying to lie. I’m not planning on going to the party, not after that kind of warning.”
“So then you do believe you’re fine,” he says, more to himself.
I answer anyway. “I believe I’m fine, because I am fine.”
“Whatever. I have a plan and I think now you’ll actually help me.”
“What makes you think I’m going to help you? I’m staying in. You heard Xavier, didn’t you? You’re acting like you didn’t hear a word he said.”
“Oh, I heard him all right. Are you going to let him boss you around like that?”
“I was planning on it, yeah. I like having the option of a social life and sitting comfortably.” When I get my sweats on, I take the plunge this time and slide in beside Grayson, leaving the ice pack near us on the bed for after. Can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I want to cuddle first. We fit together, like we live in the same egg carton and I guess we kinda do.
Grayson settles his back into my chest and adjusts my arms around him how he likes them. “If we don’t go, how will we prove we’ve changed our ways and are responsible enough to go to future events?”
“I’m guessing when they say we are? Isn’t that why we came to this school and sought out Tops to begin with?”
“Oh I see. Poor, delusional Finnegan. That’s not how Tops work. Once they’ve watched their evil plans in action, working, they pat themselves on the back for a job well done and decide it’s clearly what their brats need, and do more of it. Trust me. You’ve got to act now with this kind of stuff before it gets out of hand.”
“Xavier seemed worried.” I run my hand through his feathery hair, and he relaxes, reminding me of a cat Sam and I once had, who was always on edge until one of us ran our fingers from the top of his head to the base of his neck.
“I’m sure he is, so is Will. They’re paranoid, nothing more. Tops get unreasonable when they worry, so this is the best time for a brat to push back. They expect it even.”
Is that true? Grayson is more experienced than I am with this kind of stuff. “This one feels big though.”
“They all do in the beginning. Like the first scratch on a brand-new car.”
I think about it. “No. This thing with Xavier is new. I don’t want to fuck it up.”
“Let me put this in terms your love-addled brain might understand. If not for this ‘thing’ with Xavier, if he were just your Top and disciplinarian, as before, would you have come with me?”
Would I have? There still would have been consequences, the pleasing component would have been there for me, but truthfully, with Sam not coming, I need the distraction. I understand Sam having to work on a logical level, but the less logical part of me is upset he’s not coming. “Okay, yeah fine. I would have.”
“Exactly. Come to the party with me, I’m going with or without you.”
And then you’ll be alone, Finn. “Okay, fine. Ugh, but only for a little bit, okay?”
“Yeah sure, Finny. A little bit.” He closes his eyes.
“Hey, what are you doing?”
“Shhhh. I’m resting my eyes. Keep doing that with your hand.”
“Did anyone ever tell you you’re a bossy little thing?”
“Everybody, all the time.” He’s unapologetic and I can’t help giving him what he wants.

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