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Meet Finn

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

First, I apologize I'm always posting these so late, but such is my life these days.

Interesting things that have happened to me? I arrived home today to a flyer of Jesus in my mailbox, who'd clearly had a glow up and was waving jazz hands at me. Gone were the scraggly, flowing long locks, and his beard was as neatly trimmed as a Hipster's. Much different than the pictures of him my Nonna used to give me and my brother.

Hmmmm, I said "things" like there might be more than one, but nothing else intriguing has happened other than Jesus in my mailbox, but I did finish the Hannibal series and I LOVED it so much. The end was perfect for the show and the writing is beautiful. That's all I'll say so I don't spoil, but if you watch it, hmu on IG. Would love to hear your thoughts.

But the real point of this blog tonight is to introduce you to Finn, or Finnegan Brighton. And