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When Tristan Met Curtis

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Hello all. Some time has passed, I know. It's been strange times over in Mockland but I come bearing news.

I've mentioned in various places about the Tristan audiobook which will be narrated by Curtis Michael. It will be released in November, somewhere between the 19th and the 30th. I'm awaiting to see if I'll be given the go ahead for a presale. I've put in the request. Marie will be doing another cover for me in September.

Also, I've made the decision to publish The Heart of a Dragon Tamer. For those of you who have read it, not to worry, I will leave the Harry Potter version up on AO3. I'll have to do some major rewriting of course (don't want JK Rowling to sue me) but I have been musing on this a long while and I think I finally know how. I'll create a new world-ish. There are plenty of shows and books with "Wizard Schools" so I'll be okay there so long as I make it my own, and I've already begun picking new names. Charlie will remain Charlie though. He's my absolute favorite Top. He'll be Charlie Westley, *wink* and then I get a bit of a nod to The Princess Bride.