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Inner Book Art

It's getting close to release day and I still have things I wanna show everyone before the release, including what's gonna go on the hardcover version!

But tonight I have some gorgeous art by the talented Artsy Ape. She did some beautiful pieces for the original version, I knew these were going to be amazing. I won't show them all, but here are two. I picked scenes I've already released in prior blogs ;)

The Alleyway Kiss by Artsy Ape

Charlie Carting Jude of to be Spanked by Artsy Ape

There is some amazing spanking art too ... but I'm gonna save it for the book and plus, I have not shown those scenes yet.

I don't have an excerpt tonight. Just this beautiful art. I hope you enjoy!

The Heart of A Dragon Tamer is still set to release December 28th, 2021.

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