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Getting Something Off My Chest

Hey all! *waves* I know I haven't been over here in awhile. I keep meaning to, but I spent a month writing 3 full-length novels and then I had to edit them all + another editing job I took on to pay the bills while I get his writing gig going. *wipes brow* It's been a ride.

First, an update:

Lost Brothers is on schedule. The last of the proofing is being completed and then I will send it to my ARC team. If you are on my ARC team, you'll receive an email about it soon. If you would like to be, email me!

Tristan III is on schedule. He's still in edits but is in very good shape. A note on Tristan. I want to introduce some new characters so bad! I will write a new blog for us tomorrow with some of this stuff. And I kinda had this idea that I would post a "pics of Tristan characters if they were real people" blog. Thought that might be fun.