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Everleigh's Ring Resource Page

Today is the day! It's here, it's finally here.

I am making this blog/page to contain the links for purchase and content advisory.


Loving him isn’t safe or sane.

Was there life before Ocean Radley? If there was, it hasn’t been on Everleigh’s mind for a long time. His whole world has become Ocean, Ocean, Ocean. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

After being sentenced to a lifetime in a conservatorship, he knew he’d have to obey the rules and live under the mysterious man’s thumb, but he didn’t know he’d be put into the “care” of a psychopath.

Ocean wants a living doll. Someone he can dress up, play with, and then put on a shelf when he’s done. A simple life where he’s in absolute control. With his “condition”, keeping emotional distance is easy—or it was supposed to be.

Is wanting to burn down the world for someone the same as love?

Everleigh’s ring is a smutty, intoxicating psychopath romance with an HEA. It features a possessive, domineering, and sometimes terrifying psychopath and the rough-edged burly man who falls head over heels for him (literally) even if maybe he shouldn’t. This book is mostly kink and heat with a ridiculous thriller-themed plot. And you know, a ton of spanking and discipline because reasons.

This book is a verified member of the Hot Pink Peaches Club.

Content Advisory

Content Advisory: This book contains themes some readers may find dark while other readers may not find them dark at all. This book contains themes some readers may find triggering while some readers may not find them triggering at all. Mentions (off-screen) Child abuse. Very DC. Mindfuck. Violence. References to alcohol use, and alcohol addiction.

Tags: Consensual-non-consent. Polyamorous relationships. Fantasied domestic discipline. Lots and lots of spanking (non-consensual spanking, consensual-non-consent spanking, non-sexual spanking … every kind of spanking, okay? Have you read my books? This is what we do here). Rough sexual play. Daddy “kink” (A LOT) Men in dresses. A man calling another man his princess. Doll kink (kinda). Medical kink. Humiliation kink. Psychopaths

Beyond lies fiction. This book is not meant to instruct or depict any kind of lifestyle. This book does not follow any particular set of rules or morals. Although the themes are real, this should be considered a fantasied version of this lifestyle, written to create a particular feel, one the author, her readers, and the characters love best. This does not represent any real-life practices. The author does not write “how-to” guides. She writes for fun and entertainment, period.

Should you resonate with the themes of this book, it is important to seek guidance that is not this book.

Here's where you can buy the e-book.




Yes, there is a paperback and you can buy it from my favorite place: LuLu Books. The quality is superior to Amazon, which I have found has gone way downhill, especially in the past year. I will keep my books on Amazon (except this one because it's not Amazon Friendly) but one of my goals for 2023 is to have all Paperbacks available on LULU because they are so amazing.

Because there is a shipping fee, I have reduced the price of what I'd normally charge for a book (and therefore my profit) to make it more affordable for you!

I hope you like the cover. I created it myself. I'm picking my art skills back up this year too! I've missed making art and so I'm gonna learn how to draw digitally and do more Photoshop stuff. I love doing art so much.


Okay, this is all I can think of for now. If you have questions, let me know ( and I will add answers here.

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