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Even More Dragon Tamer

It snowed here (where I live) and it was nice to not have to drive in it. I get so anxious driving in snow. Instead I cozied up in my Ooodie and worked on Tristan 3. I'm listening to a nice webinar this morning with Gregg Braden and Lynne McTaggart about thoughts and words and the impact of them. It's groovy. Did you know we think up to 80K thoughts in 24 hours? That's wild! Oh and one more thing, the nuns in Tibet are documented as living up to 130 years. I am amazed. They must be wizards.

Writing is a touch slower these days because my muse is still wrapped up in Dragon Tamer. I'm finding it hard to pause these characters. I still have more to write about them.

I'm a strange author. I write entirely on a feeling. A vibe. I don't "pants" and I don't "outline" as are the common terms. I feel and write. I'm an Intuitive Writer. Everything is there when I can feel it. At least most of it and then I just tweak the details as they come.