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Ditira and Diekin

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Mock has separated me from everyone. Seriously send help. It's lonely up here. Please send food. I am fed a few times a day but it's not enough for me. Though to be fair, I eat like a dragon and so I must be fed like one.

I'd like to reintroduce Ditira to you. Though, we never did actually met her in the first book. Only heard about her from Diekin. She's Corrik's twin sister---I'm still trying to find out who's older one---and Diekin calls her the prettier one. I'm partial to men so I'll take his word for it but I can say she is stunning. Included is what Mock used to muse her. As I'm sure you've noticed by now, Mock's works generally focus on men. She's not sure there's an especially good reason for that, other than she loves 'em so much and that this is simply what her muse, muses and she does so with great enthusiasm. But when a female character comes a long, they are usually fierce and feminine.

Ditira is clever, intelligent and a huge, muscular warrior. Mock tends toward the large-muscled and strong generally because of her background in bodybuilding--her first, female idol in that world was the bodybuilder Chris Sare. This is how her muse, muses women.