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Catchy Title

Every time I open my blog it prompts me, "Add Catchy Title." I couldn't think of one this time so there we go. All right I have things to talk about.

Has anyone watched the show "Sex Life" on Netflix? For me it all started with a Tik Tok trend. Influencers were going to minute 19:30 of episode 3 and blind reacting. I had to see what they were looking at. Holy Fuck. Yeah, it's worth checking it out.

Anywho, from the clip alone, I assumed it was a show about a man less attracted to his wife because he realized he likes men. I was super stoked because that would be an awesome storyline IMO, but I could not have been more wrong. I've never been so wrong about a show. But it has some Sex in the City vibes and so I stuck around. I LOVED it. Loved it so much. It's about a woman questioning everything about her white picket fence life. Her husband is fucking amazing (and hawt) but she's fantasizing about her SMOKING hot bad boy Ex. Was sort of a soul-searching show with a lot of sex and nudity. If you end up watching would love to chat about it.

Okay but we are not here for this. And I do have some more The Story of You. First, I want to thank