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Behind the Scenes Tristan II with Special Guest: Corrik!

Tristan Two: A Brat's Tale. Cover Art by M. A. Sambre

I promised I'd write this, oh, months ago! Promises, promises, Mock. Yeah, I know, but there is a lot of writing for this one Mock to do.

I've had Tristan do a cameo on my blog and so I thought I'd try Corrik. I don't know how this will go or if he'll stay long. Most of my characters do as they please as it, but Corrik takes that to a new level.

Originally, when I wrote T2, I wanted to do a dual POV. Because of my writing process, I don't have a lot of control over who speaks and who doesn't. I definitely begin with grand plans, thinking that I'm the one behind the steering wheel, but au contraire. Tristan had so much to say that Corrik was left in his dust.

Book two in a trilogy is the bridge book after all. They tend to be more emotional and angsty and that's what we got from Tristan, plus a whole lot of spanking, which makes sense given the circumstances. I still knew exactly where it was going and what was going to happen.

I had a lot of nerves before I sat down to write it because it had been so long after I'd released the first. Was anyone even going to read it? I didn't know. I needed to finish the trilogy though. It burned hotter than Tristan's dragon's blood.

I enjoyed the journey with Tristan. This time, I have no regrets about the book. I had a lot more experience under my belt and while I always leave room for improvement, my confidence was on par with where I was as a writer.

I did worry a little because I knew Corrik was a favorite and that he would be "gone again" in the story, plus, even though I tagged (VERY thoroughly) for poly, some do not read the tags, and for those who wanted Corrik to be Tristan's one and only ... well that was never going to happen and I knew it would upset those readers. It's not who Tristan is. I made peace with that I would lose some readers over it and wrote what was true for the characters.

It's my cardinal rule of writing. Whenever I'm lost and doubtful, I find my way and my conviction by trusting the characters. They are my compass. Besides, it's their story. I am just the scribe.

Believe it or not, I do try not to write tomes. The way to cut down on pages in a book is to tell instead of show. I "told" a few scenes readers needed to know about without "showing" them and like clockwork, my beta readers said, "Mock, this isn't the finished product, right? You need to show this scene and that scene, oh and this one I just thought of that you didn't mention, but you're gonna need to write it lickety-split."

Before Tristan Two was released, I added over 30K words on the beta reader's suggestions (I had 8 beta readers for that book). To think you would not have gotten all that Strobavik time without them. There would be fewer spanking scenes too! I know I'm grateful.

The scene I cried writing was the Bayaden + Tristan goodbye scene. I knew they would reunite down the road, but I didn't know exactly how or when until I began musing the third book. I was genuinely torn up over it.

My favorite scenes are some of the ones with Alrik. Because I felt like Corrik and Tristan were finally settled, the newness of Alrik and the enemies to lovers vibes that were transpiring between them hooked me. Especially when Tristan would head down to the armory and sit in his lap while he polished his sword (his actual sword) and like, Alrik bossed Tristan around and stuff. Also, shut-me-up kisses. Those are my fave.

But I also still love the chapter just after he reunites with Corrik. The one that's kind of a "dream sequence", showing a happy scene between Tristan and Bayaden (them in love). My editor liked this section also.

When I finished writing T2, I was even more stoked to write T3!

I think that's about all I have to say other than I would like to (someday) write a more detailed account of Tristan's time in Aldrien. I have many, many Tristan books in me and I'm just going to be indulgent because, why not? I'll write him until I die.

All right. Let's have a word from the main man, or, uh, Elf and see where this leads us.


"Miss Mock. Why am I here?"

"You have adoring fans. They want to hear from you."

*shines his freshly manicured nails on his gold and white jacket* "I'd like to say I'm flattered."

"But you're not." *Corrik shrugs* "Would you answer a few questions anyway?"

"I suppose."

"I've had people ask how you can be possessive with Tristan and make peace with Tristan having so many other lovers."

"I am an Elf."

He would think that's reason enough. "Care to explain?"

"We are creatures. Innately, we're all possessive. It's primal. It was worse when Tristan didn't understand how mine he is, but when he did, his need for others was a non-issue for me. Elves are polyamorous by nature and I'm not different."

"So you're not as possessive anymore?"

*Corrik laughs* "Oh no, no. The opposite. The longer we spend together, the more possessive I get."

Hmmm. Corrik has an evil countenance about him. It's definitely hot, but is it good? Yeah, no, it can't be classified as good, but still hot as fuck.

"Miss Mock, one can afford to be generous with their husband when said husband knows to whom he belongs. Write that down."

"I do write it down. I write everything down for everyone."

He's got his princely smirk in place, replacing the look of diabolical lust. "Any other questions?"

Many. I have many, many questions for Corrik. But Tristan strides up from the distance, his red dragon Warlord jacket flaring behind him. He's a vision of death and destruction until he opens his mouth. "Cooooor. There you are. You said you'd only be a minute," he complains.

A minute? He knew this was meant to be more than a minute. "Corrik! Twenty minutes. That's all I wanted."

His chest puffs in a huffy manner. "As you can see, I have more important things to do. Come along, my darling. I'll take you to that pub in the market you like."

"Or sex. You owe me an ass-rimming from that time----"

"I'm still right here, guys."

The eye roll from Tristan is legendary. "Give me a break, Mock. You've seen and heard absolutely everything from us. Don't get shy now."

"We need boundaries!"

But they're already walking off, making it clear I'm the most unimportant thing in their lives.

This has been another episode of Characters Against Mock. Ha!

All right, but if you do have questions for Corrik, I'll try again, but I make no promises. If you do want to see more Tristan and Corrik there is always my Patreon.

Feel free to ask me any T2 questions. Anything you wanna know about when I was writing it?

The FREE serial story: My Fae Boyfriend Wears a Mackinaw comes out soon. To read, make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

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