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A Mocky Introduction

Hey all!

There have been so many new subscribers to my site, I thought maybe I should do an introduction? Does anyone want to know 'bout me? Tristan is always happy to take over. He interviewed me one time and was hella bored, but that's likely still more entertaining than me talking about me. If you move back a few blogs you can see that, ha!

Anywho, I thought I'd give this a shot and let you know about a few things I've been asked questions about (namely, what's on your Patreon Mock?).

First me!


Here are some "regular" facts:

  • I was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, but moved to British Columbia Canada when I was six and a half. I now reside in Vancouver.

  • I am a rabbit people! I currently have 4 rabbits.

This is Alvin. My most mischievous bun.

  • Before deciding to publish full time, I worked in the health and fitness industry for 20 years. My Bachelor's degree is in Food Nutrition and Health Sciences.

Here are some "kinky" facts:

  • I don't really do the labels thing because my sexuality and gender is so fluid and evolving that it's hard to stick a landing, but the closest categories I fit into are: Queer, Demi, Poly and at least half female? Maybe. I don't care which pronouns you call me. Non-sexual spanking is a large aspect of my sexuality. I really don't like the name "spank-o" so sometimes I use the term spanking enthusiast. But like, if that resonates for you, don't let me stop you! I am just old Mock with her opinions that you need not pay any mind to, lol.

  • I'm not really a brat even though I write brats. It's because I adore them. HOWEVER, the right energy will pull it out of me like nothing else and then it's brat city! Ha! I'm a switch though, but lean to the Toppy end of the spectrum. Though again, for the right (massive) Top energy, I am just *sigh* I probably relate most to Marley, Christian, and Dallas, but then there are times I really relate to "Cas" and maybe Alrik. So I guess my Top style would be mostly Dallas with some edges of Cas and Alrik. The Taken in Hand I'd most be like would be Marley or Christian.

  • For a brat? 100% Tristan. Ha! There's a reason he was my first born character son!

  • Corrik is the level of "doesn't give a fuck" I wish I could be but I am just too much of a pleaser at the end of the day.

Okay. That's probably enough about me. I'm not sure how interesting I am. LOL. But if there's something you wanna know, please feel free to ask.

I mostly want to welcome the new subscribers and thank those who have been here all these years with me. It means a lot, I feel like I belong somewhere, and that I have meaningful purpose, writing these stories for you.

There is a group called Spanking Talk on this site that you are welcome to join if you wanna come chat all things spanking and MORE. I vet people personally. It's a safe space!

I try to keep the art gallery updated (which, I will need to do that) so you can browse book and fanart there.

The Shop has exactly one item in it, ha! But I have more on Redbubble and Spring. More coming!

I have just begun a Patreon where I will begin to post the Tristan Outtakes. They will be available later in an anthology, but first access if you don't want to wait, found there. I also wanted to let everyone know that I will be writing spanking and discipline specific mini-stories for the Patreon. I mean, they'll probably be found family centric too because it just happens. These will feature some of my characters that already exist AND brand new characters with various "kinks" and things. It's going to be lots of fun. I've hired quality artists for quality merch-gifts!

And I'm always curious. Do you relate with any of my characters? Who do you think you relate to the most?

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