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Heartbreak Hockey

Heartbreak Hockey Series Book One

Make me chase you.  Make me work for you.


Rhett and I were supposed to grow old together, but he double broke my heart when he forced me to choose between marrying him and hockey.  I had to watch his sever in two as I felt mine breaking apart.  Worst day you’ll ever have, lemme tell yah. 

I chose hockey and if I’m choosing hockey, I’m doing it all the way and leaving love out of the equation, maybe forever.  No point getting involved with someone else just to break both of our hearts.  

Slept with my new coach, though.  It was on accident, okay?  It’s not like I knew he was gonna be my coach when it happened.  I do know that if it happens again, my heart will be in jeopardy.  I’ve just got to get through the season without falling back into bed with him. 

Annoying the ever-loving heck outta him should do the trick, eh? 


People depend on me.  They need me.  That’s what my life has been about since I was ten years old.  The one time I stepped outside of that was such a colossal failure, I vowed never to do it again.  

My sister cursed me.  She said that one day I’d pay for my situationship ways by falling so in love with a man that I’d do anything for him.  

I hate that she was right. 

My heart’s decided Jack’s mine and now that I’ve fallen, I’ll never be the same.  I might have to live the rest of my life as half a person.

He’s on my hockey team and I can’t avoid him.  I’m drawn to him.  Can’t stop thinking about him.  What do you do when you know in your heart someone’s yours, but you can’t have them?

This real Canadian adventure features possessive MCs, an age-gap romance, enemies-to-lovers vibes, and the sweetest hockey romance you’ll ever read.  Oh, and of course, it contains the caretaking dynamic Mock (S. Legend and Canadian) is known best for.  It’s a verified member of the Hot Pink Peaches Club.


Everleigh's Ring

New Addition

Loving him isn’t safe or sane.

Was there life before Ocean Radley?  If there was, it hasn’t been on Everleigh’s mind for a long time.  His whole world has become Ocean, Ocean, Ocean.  Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

 After being sentenced to a lifetime in a conservatorship, he knew he’d have to obey the rules and live under the mysterious man’s thumb, but he didn’t know he’d be put into the “care” of a psychopath. 

 Ocean wants a living doll.  Someone he can dress up, play with, and then put on a shelf when he’s done.  A simple life where he’s in absolute control.  With his “condition”, keeping emotional distance is easy—or it was supposed to be. 

 Is wanting to burn down the world for someone the same as love?

Everleigh’s ring is a smutty, intoxicating psychopath romance with an HEA.  It features a possessive, domineering, and sometimes terrifying psychopath and the rough-edged burly man who falls head over heels for him (literally) even if maybe he shouldn’t.  This book is mostly kink and heat with a ridiculous thriller-themed plot.  And you know, a ton of spanking and discipline because reasons. 

This book is a verified member of the Hot Pink Peaches Club.

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Lost Brothers

The Lost Brothers Series BOOK 1

Can coping mechanisms piece you back together and keep you whole?

The Randall brothers escaped their father, but not the trauma haunting them deep into their marrow. No matter how agonizing, their coping mechanisms are how they survived. Unwilling to relinquish them, they let the world move around them rather than moving to suit the world.

They are the enchained, the abandoned, and the unloved. The family they built through strife is all they need.

Julius Vincenzo, famous ballet dancer, moves to town after a horrific assault ends his ballet career.

Wyatt Reeves wanted to hide from everyone after the cutthroat life as a marine spit him out.

When these men collide with the Randalls and disrupt the fragile balance of the house, old wounds bleed to the surface and spill out raw. 

“Nothing buried stays buried and comes to life as a molting parrot zombie to suck out your brains—or something like that,” Darius said—yeah, he said that.

Love is claustrophobic. Love is responsible. Love binds us whether we like it or not. But it’s also the only thing that means anything.

Is healing real? Or is it another socially constructed illusion? If it’s all an illusion anyway, maybe it’s best we manufacture our own.

Lost Brothers is a dark LGBTQ+ romance trilogy featuring age-gap, second chances, brother bonds, found family, a sizzling dancer duo, a taciturn marine man, and the special love and care dynamics that Mock is known for.



The Tristan Series

Tristan dreams of the day he will succeed his father as the next Warlord of Markaytia, until, the Elves of Mortouge offer the Markaytians a rare alliance between their two kingdoms.  In exchange for this alliance, the elven royalty requests an arranged marriage; Tristan to their son Prince Corrik.  Tristan is devastated to lose his future title as Warlord, his destiny, but duty obligates him to accept the advantageous union and leave his beloved homeland, forever.  Soon, Corrik introduces Tristan to the darker side of being mate to an elf, attempting to teach Tristan the ways of his erotic culture.  As Tristan struggles to let go of his old life and obey his demanding, possessive husband, he learns he can fall in love and have a Master at the same time. 

This is a male/male, spanking and domestic discipline series, set in a fantasy world. Explore a spectrum of sexualities, from severely dominant to super bratty!

Kayden VersionTristan_audiobook_300dpi_V2.jpg



Check out the talented Kayden Lukakis's narration of the worlds most lovable (and fearsome) ex-Warlord.


Tristan II: A Brat's Tale

The Tristan Series

An Elven Spanking and Discipline Story

Tristan, former junior warlord of Markaytia, thought he’d found a cushy hiding place as a prisoner of Aldrien.  Life was simple—play with weapons by day, fuck the beautiful Aldrien warlord by night.  Best of all, he can’t be blamed for a thing—he’s the prisoner of this story!  

His hideaway is ruined when the Aldrien king threatens to kill him (rude) and he’s forced to return to Mortouge. 

It’s not that he’s fallen out of love with Corrik, if anything he’s a fool for still being in love with him despite having also fallen for the Aldrien warlord, Prince Bayaden.  And Corrik used a love spell on Tristan (probably) and Corrik doesn’t care about what Tristan wants—he took away his dagger for the Gods’ sake—plus, he’s an overprotective brute.  When they’re reunited, Corrik’s paranoid measures become too much for Tristan to bear. But even then, he loves Corrik, madly.

Corrik is sent on a mission he never returns from.  He’s pronounced dead and Tristan is faced with yet another arranged marriage, this time with the crown prince of Mortouge, Corrik’s eldest brother, Alrik.  Tristan isn’t willing to let Corrik go so easily.  When no one will send another search party after him, he’s hell bent on doing it himself.  Only it might already be too late.  

This book has domestic discipline and polyamorous relationships, sensuous elves and of course, lots of spanking!


Xavier's School of Discipline

The Xavier's School Series

Follow Your Heart's Discipline Calling

Finnegan Brighton is twenty-seven, has never moved out of Dad’s house, can’t keep a job and has to rely on his brother for continued food and shelter. In a bold move, he ships himself off to one of those new, fangle-dangle, discipline schools hoping to turn his life around. But it’s not just a whim, he’s finally answering a calling inside of him, one he’s ignored until now. The school turns out to be more than he bargained for, giving him a family of men just like him, who want to teach him that he can love himself enough to have everything he’s ever wanted. He just has to do the one thing he’s never been able to do: Surrender. 

Enter Xavier. 

Xavier is the school’s unyielding headmaster and founder. Oh, and he happens to be interested in the one Finnegan Brighton. Surely with the forces of the strict headmaster and Finnegan’s affectionate, if overzealous domestic discipline family, he can overcome himself, his own worst enemy, and surrender to who he is inside, right? Or will his crushing self-doubt chain him to old patterns forever?

Either way, much spanking ensues! A polyamorous love story with brats and Tops.


Tristan Book Three: Dragon's Blood

The Tristan Series

Three thousand years ago, Markaytia was ruled by dragons.

The last dragon passed his blood to a man called Tristan. He became the first Warlord of Markaytia. 

Tristan's got it made. He fights alongside his beloved, he has two men who dote on him faithfully, and the Gods have promised him he's to do great things for his Elven people. What more could a guy want?

Unfortunately, there's that little, tiny detail about the Emperor of the Underworld knocking at their door, and a growing army of beastly creatures to deal with. Plus, Tristan's already dramatic love life explodes to epic proportions when Bayaden shows up in an unexpected way. He gets himself accidentally bonded to a dragon lord. What are the chances?

“You are the next dragon Warlord, Tristan. The role has been waiting for you.”

The dragon in Tristan's blood awakens and he's off on another wild adventure. This time the stakes are real—if he doesn't get it together, the world could pay for his folly.

The Thrilling Conclusion to the Tristan Trilogy. A multiple play MM story with dragons and swords and elves based in a steamy and tantalizing culture. And basically, the usual with Tristan getting himself in over his head and having to fight his way out of it.

It’s got plenty of the caretaking dynamic Mock (S. Legend) is known for


The Heart of A Dragon Tamer

Heart of A Dragon Tamer Series

Someone should tell Father that chastity’s long gone out of style.  Someone.  It won’t be Jude—he likes having a social life.  When Jude Prince entered his chastity vow, he never realized how hard it would be to get date or a long-term boyfriend.  How does Father expect him to find a husband this way? At least bickering with his nemesis Rycroft fills his days with brightness. 
Charlie is handsome, a powerful dragon tamer and Jude’s pretty sure he’s interested in him.  Jude’s not into Charlie.  Not even a little.  Charlie’s an arse.  He’s an insufferable clod-pole and Jude has no interest in someone who’d rather be taming dragons than anything else.  He thinks just because he’s older, he can tell Jude what to do.
Okay so Jude totally falls, and he falls hard for the domineering redhead despite all that, maybe especially because of all that. But getting married when you’re a Prince?  Not so easy. Wizarding age of majority is twenty-five.  If Jude and Charlie don’t meet the requirements for marriage by then, the Prince men won’t just lose the family fortune; the ancient Prince name will end with his father.  
The Heart of a Dragon Tamer is a long-arse MMM novel that has a dreamy, redheaded dragon tamer who finds his brat and gives him the structure he needs.  There’s a found family element, a cool wizard school that is most definitely not like any other we might know of, a dragon sanctuary, and unapologetic “Peter Pan” references.

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