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Mockingbird Publication Contributors



Nadia Polyakova

Cover Artist

I always enjoy working with Nadia. Her characters are beautiful and soft. She has a knack for realism. The result is magic.  More of her works found on her instagram account. 

Nadia's Ko-fi

Nadia's Instagram

Xavier By Artsy Ape.jpg

Artsy Ape

Inner Book Artist

Artsy Ape has the unique talent of getting you to feel what the characters are feeling. Each piece is expressive, and fun, and wonderful. They make me so happy. I have so many special pieces by ArtsyApe.

Artsy Ape's Ko-fi 

Extended Version Tristan new format copy.png

M. A. Sambre

Tristan's Cover Artist

M.A. Sambre is always joy and easy to work with.  She has her own unique, creative style. She's fast, and  brought my vision to life. Fun Fact. It says S.Legend, and M.A.Sambre on the sword, with the date of Tristan’s publication on it in Elvish. That was M.A. Sambre’s idea, and it made the work for me.  She's brilliant.  She has done all the cover art for Tristan.

Find her other work here: Deviant Art

Artists and Contributors: Meet The Team

Sparkle Arts


Sparkle has done numerous fan art pieces for me over the years. Her pieces always have as much heart as she has.  I'm lucky to have so many beautiful works to share with you from her.

Artists and Contributors: Meet The Team
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