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Spanking Stories Like You've Never Experienced Before

Books about men falling in love with men and the domestic discipline relationships they form.  With spanking, lots and lots of spanking.

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About This Site

The Place to Find Male/Male Spanking Stories

This site is dedicated to a specific niche of  spanking fiction, with a unique flare created by the author.  Casual dominance and domestic discipline, mixed with family dynamics.  Worlds where spanking and various forms of discipline center as themes.  They all feature male protagonists, exploring various kinds of relationships; monogamous love, polyamorous love, platonic love.  There is plenty of medium-burn gay romance, but also father-son bonds with strict upbringings.  The stories range a multitude of genres including, but not limited to; fantasy, cowboy, science fiction, supernatural, and alternate universes. 
They are real stories too with lots of family feels, intriguing mysteries, angsty romance, and tumultuous backstories. 
They are stories most often quoted as ones you can return to, over and over, for comfort and warmth.  
Come on a journey, never leave your house, arrive home renewed.

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Reader Reviews

Excellent Characters (Tristan)

Well I binged this book in a day and a half but only because I had adulting to do otherwise it would have been devoured in one sitting. The world building in this is wonderful and I can picture everything in vibrant detail. And the characters. How they manage to be both ancient with swordplay and elves but also speak so modern and real shouldn’t work but it so does. I adore everyone in this story so much. And I need the sequel. Now.

Amazon Customer

Why Aren't You Reading This???? (Tristan)

How has this author not been picked up by a major publishing company yet????? Amazing book, love the writing style, the twists and turns and holy hot s** scenes!! When is the sequel coming out???


READ THIS BOOK!! (Tristan)

LOVED IT!! Couldn’t put it down. S. Legend has a gift and I will read anything she ever puts to print. Why am I just hearing of this author now?!?! AMAZING!!!

Amazon Customer

So Much Fun!! (Tristan)

You never fail to deliver!! Love this so much and can't wait for part II!! <3 <3


Sucks You In! (Tristan)

The author invites you into this intriguing world of elves and warriors and magic. Tristan and Corrik are sexy and intense. As much as I hoped Tristan would break free, I delighted in him being under his elf husband's rule. This was such a good book, I read it in one sitting. The only negative is not knowing what happens next!!


Definitely Worth Reading!! (Tristan)

I started reading this and couldn’t stop. I was completely intrigued with the way the relationship developed between Tristan and Corrik. It was funny and sexy and suspenseful. I’m anxiously waiting for the next book in the series!


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